October 19, 2020

Brexit Update on Trade Deal Negotiations from the UK Prime Minister

Update from United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The UK's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, gave a statement on the current negotiations regarding a potential trade deal with the European Union on October 16th. 

In his statement, Johnson revealed 'From the outset, we were totally clear that we wanted nothing more complicated that a Canada-style relationship, based on friendship and free trade'. 

However, as per further comments released in the statement, the UK Prime Minister states that this is no longer an option considered by the European Union. 

The Brexit transition period ends in ten weeks time, when the United Kingdom's transition period with the EU comes to an end on December 31st, 2020. In his statement, Johnson highlighted that the United Kingdom should begin to prepare for a relationship as per Australia's current position 'based on simple principles of free trade' he said.

He continued to advise that businesses, hauliers and travellers get ready for the 1st January, 2020 arrangements. 

The full statement is available via the United Kingdom's government pages here

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