October 13, 2021

Customs Controls for EU goods

Full customs declarations and controls for EU goods from January 1st 2022

Great Britain left the European Union on January 31st 2020 with the agreed Transitional period ending on December 31st 2020.

To assist businesses from January 1st 2021, the British government decided to phase in border controls in order to soften the impact to businesses already suffering during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Border controls for goods entering Great Britain by roll-on and roll-off ferries were not fully implemented, which allowed most goods to enter the UK without any customs checks upon arrival, furthermore, it is also possible to import certain products destined for the domestic market to enter the UK without the immediate presentation of a customs entry, under a temporary easement, however, the full declaration would then be required before 6 months had elapsed.

On January 1st 2022 full customs controls will be re-introduced, unless you already have a full authorisation from customs in place before controls are introduced.

Customs have issued a trade notice which can be read here

The new DIT export hotline

On October 1, the UK’s Department for International Trade launched its new service specifically targeting British businesses who are exporting into Europe. It is designed to assist exporters to navigate much of the complex trading rules that have been implemented since Brexit, such as, preferential rules of origin, entering new markets, etc. The European market is the UKs largest trading partner with around £288 billion worth of goods exported there last year. It is available here

Reach out the UK customs advisory team if you need support! For full details of the customs services we can provide click here

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