Brexit Update and Latest Brexit News

On Tuesday September 14, 2021 the UK government made the decision to further delay the introduction of import controls, affecting security filings and controls on imports of food and animal product imports from the EU into Great Britain.

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In the news: Driver Shortage and Legal Action against the United Kingdom put on hold... read more.

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July 26, 2021

Brexit and Wine

To import wine, traders must produce a VI-1 certificate after the Brexit divorce, which adds approximately 10 pence to a typical 75 CL bottle of wine. 55% of all wine consumed in the UK is shipped from the European Union, which currently costs wine importers an estimated GBP.100 million per year. The relaxation will be effective from 2022 supporting business leaders in the industry.

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Latest Brexit update in June on post Brexit trade deals established by the United Kingdom led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Northern Ireland Protocol - What's the latest?, The Battle over British sausages and more...

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All the latest Brexit news on UK Trade Deals, future and present

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Read more about the latest situation regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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Summary of Latest Brexit News in March 2021 - Key Points

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EU - UK border control implementation delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Importing and Exporting to and from the UK? Brexit news highlights many challenges, be prepared and reach out if we can help with your shipments!

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The Brexit transition period has ended, what is the current Brexit situation? Latest Brexit News and Update

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Latest Brexit News

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