December 24, 2020

BREAKING: Free Trade Deal announced between the UK and the EU

Update on UK / EU Trade Deal

A summary of the trade deal reached between the United Kingdom and the European Union has been published by the UK government and is available here

Trade Deal Announced

After many months of negotiations around future business rules and fishing rights, the EU and UK today have announced that a post-Brexit trade deal has been reached. 

The Brexit transition comes to an end on 31st December. The trade deal is said to be a 2,000 page document of text and comes as a relief to many businesses that tariffs will not be in place between the UK and the EU. 

However, the clock is still ticking, and as highlighted in this recent article by the BBC 'UK traders face a new raft of paperwork and cost. More than 200 million additional customs forms will need completing at a cost of more than £7bn a year'. 

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