Air Cargo World Interviews Peter Rodwell, Customs & Compliance Manager -UK and Ireland, on a Possible 'no-deal' Brexit

December 19, 2018

How will Crane Worldwide Logistics React to a 'No-deal' Brexit?

By Nina Chamlou from Air Cargo World

Crane Worldwide Logistics is taking the potential for a no-deal Brexit seriously. Its customs and compliance manager for the U.K. and Ireland Peter Rodwell spoke to Air Cargo World about its predictions as to how supply chain members will be affected, and its contingency plan to mitigate disruptions for its cross-border U.K.-E.U. operations.

“Everybody will be affected; however, it is our opinion that certain exporters will take most of the impact,” Rodwell said. “At the point that the U.K. departs without a deal, all current trade deals will cease to apply to the U.K. Goods exporting into Europe would be subject to duties and taxes, and export or import controls and health and safety certification may apply.”

Rodwell said that the impact to Crane will be manageable, but that its method of working with some E.U. locations will change. Its current plan for customs produces will include increased temporary storage, customs bonded warehousing and transit services for the movement of goods into its premises at effected borders.

“The longer-term impact will be the length of time it will take for the U.K. to agree its own trade deals, re-alignment of supply chains and the knock-on effects to other E.U. countries that have a close relationship with the U.K., such as Ireland,” Rodwell said.


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