What just happened in the UK? Brexit Update

By: Peter Rodwell, UK Customs and Compliance Manager

January 18, 2019

Vote of no confidence in the government

On Tuesday 15th January 2019, the UK Parliament voted on whether to accept the government’s Withdrawal Agreement. It was widely expected that it would be rejected by a margin of around 100 votes, however, the loss was actually much more severe with a rejection by 230 votes.

Following the defeat, the opposition called for a vote of No Confidence which was held on Wednesday 16th January 2019. The government won the vote by 325 to 306.


The next steps...

Theresa May spoke in the House of Commons following the defeat of the No Confidence vote and pledged to engage all senior political MPs from both sides of the house in order to understand the consensus of opinion and what an acceptable deal might look like.

Labour have refused to engage unless No Deal is completely taken off the table, however, this is unlikely to happen given that No Deal is the default position should nothing be agreed.

The government has until Monday 21st January 2019 to outline the plan to Parliament.


What are the options?

  1. Hold a further vote in Parliament on the Withdrawal Agreement and the Framework for the future relationship.
  2. Departure on the 29th March with No Deal, which would involve no transitional or implementation period following exit.
  3. Request an extension from the EU to seek a renegotiation of the deal or alternative deal, such as changes to the existing deal, agreeing a Canada or Norway type arrangement or becoming members of EFTA and the EEA.
  4. Returning to the people with another referendum, which would also require an extension to Article 50

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