Crane Cares 2019 Initiative: Mental Health Awareness

February 11, 2019

Crane Cares 2019 Initiative: Mental Health Awareness

At Crane Worldwide Logistics, we believe it is important to be responsible corporate citizens and positively impact global sustainability. Each year, we use our Crane Cares initiative to accomplish this goal.

In 2018, the Crane Cares initiative focused on homelessness. Our worldwide efforts included 840 activities, which focused on homelessness, Live Well Worldwide, Give Worldwide, and Green Worldwide. Thanks to the hundreds of Crane volunteers who participated, nearly 400 hours of work was documented.
This dedication and hard work shows that anyone can have a positive impact on the people and communities who surround us. That's why we are excited to announce that our 2019 initiative is Mental Health. Mental health encompasses a broad spectrum of conditions, providing many opportunities for anyone to become involved. 

Please watch our video to understand how many people are affected by mental health.

What You Can Do
Focus on being kind to one another, making a positive difference in the workplace with a simple hello to your neighbor, and making an impact in the community by showing compassion for those struggling with a mental health condition.

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