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November 10, 2018

It is October 29, do you know where your CEO is? Yes, sleeping at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. 

For this year’s Crane Cares initiative in the UK, Managing Director, Chris Lee and Director Digital Marketing, Comms and PR, Kate Yates spent the night sleeping at Lord’s to raise money and awareness for the homeless in the UK.  While you may think of Lord’s as the prestigious and hallowed cricket ground, through CEO Sleepout more than 80 executives spent the night sleeping in the stands and braving the elements to raise needed funds for the homeless population in London. 

CEO Sleepout is an organization that hosts the sleepovers and funnels the raised funds to much needed charities in the local host city.  So, if you sleep in London the funds stay in London.  Many charities felt the impact from this event including Borderline, Walking With the Wounded, House of Saint Barnabas, Bean and Street Child United.  To date, more than £2 million have been raised. 

While it was only one night it had a huge impact and really hit home as to what it is like to not have a warm, safe place to sleep each night—something many of us don’t think twice about.   “It was a very rough night.  From waking up multiple times, to its being 4 degrees out, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live in those conditions every day,” said Chris Lee.  “You take for granted that you have a comfortable bed each night and feel secure.  That really drove it home for me.” 

CEO Sleepout was founded in 2013 by Andy Preston in Middlesbrough.  He believed that business is at the heart of society and there is a massive opportunity for business to give back to their local cities.  By giving back locally, it helps create a more thriving society that directly impacts the businesses and people that live there.   

Crane Worldwide Logistics raised more than £2,500 for CEO Sleepout with Guest Express Transport being a key funder.  “We appreciate and value the partnership we have with Crane Worldwide Logistics,” said Andy Preston, founder of CEO Sleepout. “Every pound raised goes directly to a charity that is on the ground making a difference for the homeless.  And at this time of year, as it gets colder, it is crucial we help those in need.”

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