Egypt – Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID)

October 1, 2021

Egypt – Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID): New Customs Regulation

Customer Advisory Letter

Egyptian Customs implements the Advance Cargo Information Declaration (ACID) for shipments inbound to maritime ports and launch the National Single Window for Foreign Trade Facilitation (Nafeza) platform. Nafeza uses an integrated information platform to coordinate all necessary shipping information between Foreign Exporters/Shippers and Egyptian Importers/Consignees.

This platform is for both Importers and Exporters to work closely to prepare the shipments. It is mandatory to submit the shipment ACID to Egyptian Customs for all ocean shipments. Please see below details.

  1. Effective date: October 1st, 2021
  2. Applicable Shipments: All ocean shipments.
  3. Filing Deadline: Importers MUST declare shipment information on Nafeza at least 48 hours before mother vessel sails from exporting country. 
  4. Exception Shipments: Personal shipments, diplomatic bodies or shipments of the Ministry of Defense, or Ministry of Interior and other sovereign bodies.
  5. Risk/Penalty: Shipments to Egypt will be rejected without ACID# and forcibly returned to the loading port at Exporter’s expense, and a fine will be imposed.

Importer Responsibilities:

  1. Importers/Consignees must register its company within Nafeza:, and receive e-token to access the portal.
  2. Importers/Consignees use e-token to file each shipment data and obtain the shipment ACID# (19 digits number).
  3. At least 48 hours before mother vessel sails from exporting country, Importers/Consignees submit shipment ACID to Nafeza.
  4. Importers/Consignees notify Exporters/Shippers the ACID# and their responsibilities.

Exporter Responsibilities:

  1. Exporters/Shippers register an account on CargoX:
  2. Shipment ACID# must be given to the Foreign Freight Forwarder to be shown on Bill of Lading.
  3. Exporters/Shippers must add ACID# on all shipment documents, including but not limited to Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, etc, upload on CargoX and submit these documents electronically from CargoX to Nafeza.

The Importer and Exporter shall verify the shipment ACID#, Importer Tax ID#, Exporter Registration ID# using the ACID verification webpage:

Carrier Responsibilities:

Carrier must transmit the shipment data to Nafeza 24 hours before mother vessel departs from the port of export.

Accountability for data accuracy of all ACID-related information submitted to Crane Worldwide Logistics and its timely validation via the Nafeza platform will be for the account of the shipper or consignee of record. Crane Worldwide Logistics will not be held liable for any delays, rejection by Egyptian Customs or assessment of any penalties as a result of the submission of late or incorrect information, including but not limited to any issues with the CargoX or Nafeza platforms.

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