It's all about freight capacity. Listen in to Tim Zubradt, Chief Sales Officer at Crane Worldwide Logistics.

August 3, 2021

Capacity planning is key in 2021 and beyond...

Man in suitIn the latest podcast episode of Coffee with Crane, we talk to Tim Zubradt, Chief Sales Officer at Crane Worldwide Logistics.

Tim has over thirty years of experience in the logistics industry and talks through the current challenge in the logistics marketplace and keeps us up to date with the logistics solutions that Crane Worldwide Logistics has presented at this challenging time for capacity.

Below is an exert from the podcast interview.

What are some of the challenges facing the logistics industry today?

The main issue we see at the moment is capacity. Everyone knows that capacity is king and who can get that capacity in the logistics marketplace because space is tight all over the world. I'm delighted with the achievement of securing our latest charter flight from China to the United States. It leaves Shanghai on a Friday night and arrives in Colombus, Ohio which helps avoid some of the backlogged airports and allows our clients to have space they can consistently rely upon. I believe the pandemic will continue and we may not see any changes to the market over the coming months, possibly until 2023 even 2024 as the world begins to recover.

How are Crane Worldwide Logistics solving client's challenges right now?

There has been a number of ways that we have addressed the logistics challenges for our clients. On the ocean freight side, we have chartered full and part charters. We have also made a big investment in our warehouse facilities in the United States: Long Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Savannah and up in Newark. This gives us the opportunity to do cross-dock because most of the ocean freight is now coming to the West Coast, USA and transloaded to other modes of transportation. We have also run some charters into Mexico and we transload the cargo in Mexico and bring it into the United States which is another method of bringing capacity into the market. 

containers on rail trackAdditionally, when we look at the global footprint, eighteen months ago rail freight in Europe from China was not an obvious choice of transportation. Now, the China to Europe rail freight option is an efficient method for our clients, this was certainly the case during the disruption created in the Suez Canal.

We have been able to book a whole train and offer rail freight capacity to our clients. Being flexible in the solutions that we provide for our clients is what we do and working with clients and our employees all over the world, it's impressive how agile we have been over the past year.

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