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October 19, 2018

Purchase Order Visibility in Global Supply Chains

By: John Jergens, Vice President Global Sales - Crane Worldwide Logistics

In today’s Inbound Logistics supply chain, companies, especially retailers continue to focus on that critical path from purchase order placement to delivered DC and availability for order allocation. More than ever retailers look for that marriage of order item detail to shipping information. Retailers need that detail to plan the ever more complex downstream distribution channels including today’s complex omnichannel networks.

The ability to have this detail can mean real savings in inventory carrying costs and enhanced revenue. An enabled network allows order allocation on the water or en-route, to the right channel at the right time reducing cost and delivery time to the ever more complex consumer.  Better inbound planning and tighter and ERP product lead times come into play.

The solution depends on a marriage of technology and ‘boots on the ground.’ Technology is advancing at a rapid pace but technology alone cannot solve the problem. Management of vendor ex-factory windows, order/item quantity tolerance and mode selection require partners with integrated global networks that are also very close to the vendor base. The software or technology deployed must be a single positioned platform integrated with upstream ordering process and downstream inbound processes. With the logistics industry racing to develop the best technologies, we should be reminded that the marriage of technology to these problems will continue to rely on human capital to extract the most value.


John Jergens, Vice President Global Sales 

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