UPDATE: Hurricane Dorian

September 4, 2019


Oceanfreight update - Hurricane Dorian is currently progressing through the Atlantic Ocean with reported wind gusts up to 220mph as it passed over the Bahamas. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting Dorian to be a continuous threat as it passes near the south-east U.S. coast this week. 

Expected delays on vessel arrivals and departures are predicted from all South Atlantic ports (Jacksonville/Savannah/Wilmington/CHarleston and Norfolk) for Asia to USEC services, Latin American services and European Services. 

Please note that we may face restrictions on deliveries of export containers to ports primarily due to congestion.


Hurricane Dorian continues to track towards the South Eastern United States.


Florida, Georgia and South Carolina have all issued a state of emergency and have mandatory evacuations in the coastal areas. More than 1000 flights have already been cancelled, and there are cargo embargoes in place for all origin and destination locations in Florida. 

The expectation is for airport and port locations to continue to be affected as the storm moves up the South Eastern coast. The impact to each city is still unclear, as the path of the hurricane continues to change. Due to the severity and track fo the storm, we do expect cargo operations to be affected throughout the week.


The offices in Miamo, Orlando and Savannah are expected to be closed on Tuesday of this week and these closures could be extended, dependent on the track and speed of the storm. 


Emergency contacts are listed below for each location: 

Miami - Elaine Troy - 305-978-7425

Savannah - Kellie Robertson - 912-313-3901 / Chad Smith 706-551-0675 

Orlando - Shannon Russell - 407-443-5959 


Currently, Atlanta and Charlotte offices are expected to open on Tuesday, additional updates will be posted over the course of the next few days relating to any impact to our operations. 

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