COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics

November 13, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics

In this special episode of Coffee with Crane, we bring together our expert logistics team to talk about the upcoming challenges around transporting the COVID-19 vaccine. Featuring Keith Winters, CEO, Nancy Matthews, VP Aerospace and Life Sciences and Scott Thome, pharmaceutical industry expert, the team discuss the necessity for supply chain partnerships to ensure the vaccine is available to our communities around the world.

Having supported the COVID-19 pandemic with multiple logistics solutions to date including final mile deliveries, air freight transportation and storage requirements for our clients, this podcast outlines the capabilities of the team in the next steps and supply chain challenge of the century. Below is an exert of the conversation:

Does Crane Worldwide have any experience with distribution on this scale? 

Keith Winters: Throughout the pandemic, Crane Worldwide has provided multipe logistics solutions for our clients. For example, Crane Worldwide has been administering and transporting over a quarter of a million of the COVID-19 tests for our clients throughout 2020. We work through our protocols and our secure chain of custody, we've undertaken some real logistics challenges this past year. 

What solutions made this level of distribution possible?

Nancy Matthews: The key is that most logistics service providers are relatively static entities. Crane Worldwide has always maintained the ability for flexibility and have rapid mobilization capabilities and that makes us unique as most companies can't do that. We are able to scale. I believe the word for this covid year is 'pivot' and as this pandemic continues to morph and flex, we have to be able to pivot to support that unique emergency supply chain and logistics need that may be on many different levels depending on the supplier. 

What kind of system infrastructure will be needed? 

Scott Thome: That's one of the most challenging aspects to put in place in a situation like this. The ability to be nimble and pivot and deploy resources to solve the challenges has been impressive as I've got to know Crane Worldwide better. It really comes down to expanding the cold chain capabilities at each node at each station in transit. A lot of technologies exist already, we simply need to deploy them into an already nimble and robust supply chain. 

Monitoring is definitely a key component that the medical device and pharmaceutical industry really requires, to make sure that anything that we ship arrives where it needs it to be in a manner that is safe and effective. It really comes down to monitoring and control and it is done with clear record keeping. 

What has Crane Worldwide done to get ready to distribute the vaccine? 

Keith Winters: We have been investing in people, improving our knowledge base and intellectual capital with people who have advanced experience with moving tissues and vaccines like Scott Thome. Crane Worldwide has staged equipment and assets in multiple origin and destination pairings throughout the world. Certainly cold storage has been mentioned here, increasing mobility so that we can store the vaccine not only upon arrival but also in small communities.

In summary, we are ready with real estate, assets, engineering, people and even monitoring equipment and have been testing and trialing throughout the past few months. 

Listen in to the Vaccine Logistics discussion below...

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