New Warehouse in Johannesburg, South Africa

October 1, 2021

New warehouse in Johannesburg - Learn more...

Denver Armugga Crane Worldwide LogisticsExciting news as Crane Worldwide Logistics South Africa continues to expand with a new warehouse and contract logistics facility in Johannesburg.

Denver Armugga, Business Development Executive at Crane Worldwide Logistics shares the latest on the new warehouse in Johannesburg that recently opened in South Africa to expand Crane Worldwide's integrated logistics solutions in the region. 

With over twenty five years of experience in the logistics industry in South Africa and internationally, Denver took part in our 'Coffee with Crane' podcast series to share the news of the recent warehouse expansion in South Africa and what this means for Crane Worldwide's clients in the region.

Below is an excerpt from the podcast interview.

How is the logistics market in South Africa right now?

Currently everyone is on a level playing field in the market in South Africa at the moment. It has been a challenging year for everyone and we have been fortunate to experience growth in South Africa by being an advocate to our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crane Worldwide Logistics has responded with a sense of urgency to requests for freight shipments and warehousing support during a challenging year in the logistics market.

From medical supplies to the receipt of urgent goods for major manufacturers here in South Africa, our team in Johannesburg have gone above and beyond to provide solutions for our clients when they needed them the most. 

What is the future strategy for Crane Worldwide Logistics in South Africa?

It is an exciting time for Crane Worldwide in South Africa currently and we are delighted to have opened a new warehouse in Johannesburg to support our clients with contract logistics capabilities.

The new warehouse expands our future product service offering for our clients in South Africa and internationally. Launching this warehouse facility is a statement of intent to confirm our long term strategy in South Africa, establishing our warehouse footprint to support our clients now and in the future.

It is a strategic expansion that will differentiate ourselves and support our value proposition: Technology, Service and People.

Tell us more about the new warehouse in Johannesburg...

The new warehouse in Johannesburg triples our growth in South Africa. Expanding our logistics services into warehouse services enables us to offer end-to-end logistics solutions with our additional capabilities.

The warehouse solutions on offer include receipt, pick-pack, storage, fulfilment and value added services as well as local dispatch services and many more.

This enables our logistics team in Johannesburg to provide integrated solutions for our clients alongside our freight forwarding capabilities and become a logistics provider that can tailor our solutions to the specific warehousing requirements of our clients in South Africa. 

What is the secret of Crane Worldwide's success in South Africa?

I believe that our people's local knowledge in South Africa is key to our ongoing successful growth in South Africa. Logistics is about understanding market conditions for all industries where we do business but it is also about people and the way in which we engage with our clients to fully understand their logistics needs.

I am firm believer that people buy from people. 'If people like you they will listen to you, if people trust you they will do business with you'. This aligns with The Crane Way and the way in which we do business at Crane Worldwide Logistics.

The agility and flexibility of our supply chain  solutions as well as our approachable leadership style enables us to provide dependable logistics services in a challenging market. 

You can listen in to the full podcast here

The new Johannesburg warehouse location in Maple Street, Pomona Park spans 27,000 sq.ft with racking and a state of the art security system for all your secure logistics needs. Logistics services include bonded storage, inventory management, crating, repacking and a full suite of value added services. 

Reach out to our dedicated warehouse and logistics team in Johannesburg here should you require further information and logistics support.

Shipping Medical Supplies to support logistics clients during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

Aircraft with a COVID-19 signChannels Medical Solutions is a distributor of specialized solutions in neurodiagnostic and respiratory aparatus. They also dispense electromedical products, accessories, and consumables.

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic reached South Africa, imports of oxygen concentrators surged as the South African healthcare system required more products to support communities throughout the country.

As airlines began to cancel services into Johannesburg, the client reached out to Crane Worldwide with their urgent freight request for imports from China and the United States. Read more...

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“Crane Worldwide Logistics Johannesburg never stops to exceed our expectations here in South Africa. You have an excellent team.”  

Loraine du Bois | Sales Manager, Channels Medical Solutions

Crane Worldwide Logistics in Johannesburg are supporting medical supply chains with incoming shipments of materials required to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, our team will act with a sense of urgency for all your COVID-19 shipments, read more

Food Grade Certification at our warehouse.

We have news! Our Johannesburg warehouse facility has recently been certified by the Department of Health and Social Development: Environmental Health Division in terms of Regulation 3 of the governing general hygiene requirements for food premises. Reach out for further information on the storage and warehousing of ambient food grade products in Johannesburg!

We can tailor make solutions to meet your logistics requirements in South Africa. Logistics companies in Johannesburg need to work with a flexible and dynamic approach to be proactive in finding solutions to our client's challenging supply chain needs. With People, Service and Technology at the core of our value proposition, get in touch, we are ready to support! 

You can watch the full episode here and if you need warehouse management in South Africa, please don't hesitate to reach out to the team! 

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