July 30, 2019

Crane Worldwide Logistics announces Keith Winters as CEO

Houston, TX: On Tuesday July 30, 2019, Crane Worldwide Logistics Chairman, Jim Crane officially appointed seasoned veteran Keith Winters as CEO Crane Worldwide Logistics - marking only the second CEO in the company's history. Keith replaces outgoing CEO, John Magee, who is leaving after 11 years in the role. 


Keith Winters



Winters brings a wealth of strategic and executive leadership success as a member of the Crane family of companies for over 20 years. His deep global experience within the industry, his 8 years serving as Chief Operating Officer for Crane Worldwide, and his most recent two and half years as CEO of Davaco, Inc (a company affiliated with the Crane Capital Group, Inc.) make him the obvious successor for this growing business. 



"Crane Worldwide has built our success as a result of our talented people and our unwavering commitment to client service. I am excited that our CEO successor has come internally as Keith exemplifies all of the great values we have built this company on,' stated Chairman Jim Crane. 'I am grateful for everything John Magee has accomplished in his role and personally thank him for his commitment as one of our company founders. I am confident the transition will be smooth - our leadership team is solid, and we are looking forward to the future."


 "I want to thank Jim Crane for the opportunity to build and lead Crane Worldwide. It has been an honor to work with so many exceptional people the past 11 years." says John Magee. "Keith is also one of our founders, who has played an integral role in launching the company. With him moving into the CEO position, I am confident our clients will experience no impact to their day to day service needs."


"Crane Worldwide is a best in class global supply chain and logistics organization." Keith Winters states. "I am honored to lead our team of over 1,800 employees into the next chapter of our growth and I look forward to working alongside our clients to continue to drive innovation within this industry." 


Winters' appointment is effective immediately. 


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