May 19, 2021

CBP Seizes Millions of Disposable Gloves

On May 4, CBP announced the seizure of millions of nitrile disposable gloves valued at over half a million dollars.  

The seizure was a result of the forced labor finding against Malaysia-based Top Glove Corporation Bhd.  The finding revealed that disposable gloves manufactured by Top Glove have been produced with the use of convict, forced, or indentured labor, including debt bondage, excessive overtime, abuse living and working conditions and retention of identity documents.   

Accordingly, port officials were given the authority to seize gloves under HTS subheadings 3926.20.1020, 4015.11.0150,4015.19.0510, 4015.19.0550, 4015.19.1010, 4015.19.1050, and 4015.19.5000 made in whole or in part by Top Glove.

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