February 12, 2021

CSMS 46189077 - Required Submission of Duty Free Certificate for Commercial Shipments under Subheading 9808.00.30

Harmonized Tariff Schedule number 9808.00.30 allows for duty free treatment for articles for military departments when the materials are certified to the Commissioner of Customs.

ACE Entry Summary Business Rules state “If a duty-free certificate is not submitted to CBP within six months from the date of the entry or releases, the entry will be liquidated dutiable with the application HTS.  Importers or their authorized agent are required to submit the duty-free certificate to received from DCMA-NY via Customs’ Document Image System (DIS). This certificate is to be made available in DIS with its associated entry number for CBP and verification purposes within six months from the date of the entry.  The certificate is not required for the original filing or release, but it is required for duty free status and liquidation."

This has not impact on the processing of military shipments, entry type 51.  It is strictly about the duty-free certificate required under 9808 commercial shipments.

If an importer is unable to obtain the duty-free certificate, a post summary correction (PSC) must be transmitted and duty must be paid on the entry.

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