August 1, 2022

Steel and Aluminum imports subject to General Exclusions

Section 232 Reminder

Just as a reminder, for imports from countries subject to Section 232 duties on steel and aluminum imports, if you are filing an entry of a steel or aluminum import under an HTS classification subject to Section 232 General Approved Exclusions (GAEs), please report the applicable Chapter 72, 73 or 76 HTS classification. Do not file the Section 232 Chapter 99 for the Section 232 duties.

For imports from countries subject to Section 232 quotas, consult the quota bulletin for the respective country for the GAE filing.

U.S. law requires that Section 301 tariffs terminate after a period of four years unless a “representative of the domestic industry which benefits” from said tariffs submits a written request for their continuation.  Within 60 days of the end of the four-year period, the USTR must notify members of the domestic industry of the termination, and upon receipt of a request to continue them, conduct a review to consider their continuation.

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