January 22, 2021

CSMS #45792120 - Delay of Accelerated Payment (AP) for USMCA Drawback Claims

USMCA Drawback Update:

  • Claimants with Accelerated Payment (AP) privileges will not be able to obtain AP on USMCA drawback claims until all of the applicable regulations are implemented. However, claims filed under NAFTA and same condition drawback will remain eligible for AP.
  • Once the initial USMCA drawback technical changes are deployed in ACE, filers should submit their USMCA drawback claims without the AP indicator, even if approved for AP.  If the filer transmits a claim through ACE which contains the AP indicator, prior to the deployment into ACE, the claim will be accepted but AP will be removed from the claim and the following message will be returned: “I587-NO AP UNTIL USMCA REGS EFFECTIVE.”.  CBP will transmit a future message announcing when the regulations are implemented, and AP eligible claims can be resubmitted with the AP indicator for USMCA drawback.
  • All USMCA drawback claims processing will be on hold pending the implementation of said regulations.
  • Once the regulations are fully implemented, eligible filers will be able to receive AP on USMCA claims filed during the interim period by requesting CBP to return claims to Trade Control and then re-transmitting the USMCA drawback claim with the AP indicator.
  • Drawback claims filed without the AP indicator will be processed normally (liquidated and paid in the ordinary course of business) after the USMCA drawback regulations are fully implemented.
  • For more information, please refer to CSMS#43227909, CSMS#45198584 and USMCA fact sheet here

Crane Trade Services can assist you with questions regarding drawback filings.  For assistance please contact CWTSConsulting@craneww.com.

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