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At Crane Worldwide Logistics our FMCG sector experts focus on a holistic view of a product's supply chain from the outset of product development to final end-user delivery. 

COVID effect or Panic Buying? How will the festive season play out?

Empty shelves speak volumes. In the lead-up to the festive season, retailers far and wide are challenged with getting their goods into stores at the right time, in the right place at the right cost. These are the simplistic metrics used to measure a reliable supply chain. But there is nothing simple about supply nor demand in COVID times.

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“Our goal is to provide efficient transportation and storage processes for FMCG trade through our international network, utilizing the most cost efficient and reliable supply chain options.”

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Meet our Consumer Goods Industry Expert

Ewan Alexander

With over 20 years of hands-on operational experience working with global supply chains around the world, Ewan supports our FMCG clients with a partnership approach to establish cost savings and efficiencies to address their international logisitics challenges in this fast paced environment. 

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Demand for consumer goods is increasing and delivery expectations are high

When toilet paper became a global headline due to panic buying during the COVID pandemic, a warning sign was flagged to global FMCG product suppliers. Increased consumer demand can place pressure on FMCG supply chains and expectations from end-users are increasing in a competitive environment. 

What are fast-moving consumer goods? 
Fast-moving consumer goods are non-durable consumer products that are in high demand, have a high turnover rate, and a short shelf-life. Products in this category include food (packaged, dairy products, bread, and baked goods), beverages, cosmetics, toiletries, office supplies, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning products, plastic goods, and small consumer electronics. These items have a low-profit margin and account for more than half of consumer spending worldwide. 

Why is a supply chain partner important for producers of fast-moving consumer goods?
Planning and working together with supply chain partners creates efficiencies to overcome unforeseen challenges in the fast-paced environment for FMCG products. Forecasting can be a challenge and flexibility in supply chain processes including transportation methods, warehouse locations, and accurate inventory visibility can make a difference to ensure supply meets demand.

At Crane Worldwide Logistics our FMCG sector experts focus on a holistic view of a product's supply chain from the outset of product development to final end-user delivery. 

Retail logistics

With increased consumer demand in the retail sector, there are challenges ahead. With inventories running low and limited transportation capacity, many retailers are faced with difficult decisions and troublesome forecast planning.

At Crane Worldwide Logistics, we work in partnership with our retail clients to provide solutions to the current market challenges. From additional capacity to increased warehouse space in locations that are in demand, we remain flexible and agile to respond to individual client needs. Reach out if you need support. 


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