Crane Worldwide Logistics is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and our community.

Top priority is placed on providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, customers, contractors and the surrounding community. This commitment is consistent with our corporate objective to conduct business in an ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally responsible manner. The environment, health, and safety are priority considerations in the planning and execution of all work activities at our facilities. We have set forth the following objectives as part of our proactive health, safety and environmental program: 

•    Provide a safe and healthful workplace by providing training to reduce the potential for accidents and injuries. 

•    Respond immediately and appropriately to incidents that may endanger the health or safety of any persons, the surrounding community, and/or the environment. 

•    Meet or exceed all applicable environmental and safety regulatory requirements. 

•    Respond promptly to employee, contractor, customer and community concerns regarding the environment and health, and safety issues. 

•    Undertake continuous improvement by conducting self-assessments, regular inspections and utilizing external audits by safety and environmental experts.

•    Our organization has a foundation of trust and empowers all employees with the power to stop work if they believe conditions are unsafe. Each employee has responsibility to ensure safe work environment exist at all times. 

•    Continue to improve our waste minimization program with a concentration on source and waste reduction, recycling, and disposal of waste in an environmentally sound manner.  Give back to our community and promote healthy lifestyles are all part of our Crane Cares. 

•    Each facility has safety coordinator and safety committee to take ownership of Crane Worldwide Safety program and initiatives.  


Quality Policy

Crane Worldwide Logistics is committed to providing quality, safe, secure and environmentally conscious supply chain solutions and services to all parties. In pursuit of this, we are committed to satisfy all applicable requirements and are dedicated to the application and continuous improvement of our corporate beliefs within our operations. We aim to exceed our clients expectations through action, excellence and innovation. Our actions, methods and outcomes are consistent, measurable and reflective of our beliefs. We believe in listening with the intent of learning and strive to adapt our business, our solutions and our services to fit and address our clients needs.

We believe in being the employer of choice and acknowledge the privilege given to us by our clients as their client advocate. 

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