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Read article: Felixstowe & Liverpool Port Strike - Latest News September

Strike action in September in Felixstowe which coincides with the Port of Liverpool strike dates which commences on 20th September.

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Read article: IMO 2023 Overview

September 16, 2022

IMO 2023 Overview

IMO 2023 - As part of the IMO Initial GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Strategy new measures will be introduced for vessel owners in 2023

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Read article: UPDATE: Rail Freight strikes in the United States

A national Rail Road strike in the United States could create further supply chain disruption as the 60-day cooling-off period ends on Friday, 16th September.

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Read article: Chinese Holidays - Golden Week

September 14, 2022

Chinese Holidays - Golden Week

The Chinese Golden Week falls between 1st October and 8th October 2022

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Read article: China to Laos Rail Freight

September 6, 2022

China to Laos Rail Freight

Extending the China to Thailand rail to Laos.

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