Quick Ship Portal - LTL shipping

Reduce costs and increase shipment visibility with our Less-Than-Truckload booking portal. Shop rates from top carriers and manage all your shipments with our online LTL management tool.

Easily Quote, Book, and Manage Shipments

Quick Ship Portal QSP is an automated self-service LTL/TL order execution platform that leverages Crane Worldwide Logistics procured carriers. This unique platform supports ground transportation shipments within the United States and Canada.

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What is Quick Ship Portal (QSP)?

Our freight experts developed the savvier way to quote, book and manage your less-than-truckload shipments. If you are looking for flexibility without the hassle of dealing with multiple partners, then QSP is the answer.
Our top-notch technology and award-winning customer service make our platform the perfect match for integrated logistics. Enhance control over your shipments and improve your supply chain visibility with our services.

Key Benefits of our LTL Shipping PortalCWW Quick Ship Portal Access

  • Access to Crane MTS network of LTL carriers
  • Access to over 11,000 TL
  • Self-service
  • Easy to set up and deploy
  • End to end integration
  • Streamlined Operational Process

How does and LTL Shipping Portal works?

  • Order Entered: Client enters basic order details
  • Order Rated: Rated carrier options returned
  • Order Finalized: Client enters pickup, delivery, contact information
  • Order Executed: Carrier receives booking via EDI and executes the order
  • Order Tracked: All milestones (PU / DL times) received via EDI
  • Order Billed: When ready, the invoice is available inside the portal


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CWW Quick Ship Portal Preview - LTL Shipping

Quick Ship Portal - LTL Shipping Advantages

Best in class Carrier Network

Compare rates from our national and local LTL carrier network without the hassle of managing each one individually. All carriers are vetted for valid DOT number, MC authority, insurance, and safety ratings.

Market Leading Technology & End to End Visibilty

The Crane TMS provides your business the end-to-end visibility needed to ensure your products are delivered on-time. Access BOLs and PODs instantly through your portal.

Dedicated Support

Have any questions? Simply call our dedicated team of LTL experts. We’ll work closely with you to gain a more thorough understanding of your business and your unique shipping needs. By leveraging our unparalleled technology, we quickly provide you with the very best solution.

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