November 16, 2020

A podcast by Logistics and Supply Chain experts

Coffee with Crane the Podcast Series created to share the latest on Supply Chains in a meaningful way

Hear our experts dive into logistics and supply chain stories, news, and updates that will help you stay updated with what's going on around the globe. Keep your business moving forward, listening to your trusted provider.

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Ep. 15 | Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine Logistics

Featuring: Keith Winters (CEO), Nancy Matthews (VP of Aerospace & Life Sciences) and Scott Thome (Pharmaceutical Logistics Expert)

Ep. 14 | Logistics & Supply Chain trends within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Featuring: Michael J. Karam (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Country Manager)

Ep. 13 | Improving your Supply Chain with Transportation Management

Featuring: Brian Shipley (Senior Director of Managed Services)

Ep. 12 | Peak Season during 2020 - Is it the perfect storm?

Featuring: Joe Cipolla (Senior Director of Air Freight)

Ep. 11 | Canada Customs: The Present and Future of Importing and Exporting

Featuring: Scott Bowman (Canada Customs - Business Development Manager)

Ep. 10 | How COVID-19 is reshaping the Aerospace Industry

Featuring: Nancy Matthews (VP Life Sciences & Aerospace)

Ep. 9 | Supply Chain and Logistics trends within the Energy Industry

Featuring: George Schutte (Vice President Global Energy Solutions)

Ep. 8 | Supporting and motivating teams during the Coronavirus pandemic

Featuring: Lavinia Chan (Vice President of Sales in the Asia Pacific)

Ep. 7 | The China-Europe Rail Freight Transportation Program

Featuring: Marco Reichel (Regional Business Development Director)

Ep. 6 | A career path within Logistics and Supply Chain

Featuring: Jack Lenihan (Global Account Manager)

Ep. 5 | Economic Impact of COVID-19 in the Cruise Industry

Featuring: Maxine Krajniak (VP of Cruise, Marine & Hospitality)

Ep. 4 | The current state of the automotive industry

Featuring: Michael Labadie (VP of Global Lead Automotive & Industrial)

Ep. 3 | Global Logistics challenges - During and after COVID-19

Featuring: Kenneth Sine (Regional VP of Asia Pacific)

Ep. 2 | Adapting during the era of social distancing

Featuring: Chris Deans (Country Manager, Ireland)

Ep. 1 | Importing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other Medical Supplies

Featuring: Alexandra Kleinschmidt (VP Customs Brokerage & Trade Advisory)


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