Our logistics technology provides our clients with a predictive command center using a centralized dashboard to provide at-a-glance visibility, track and trace and potential exception awareness.

Technology to address your logistics challenges

Crane Worldwide Logistics latest technology provides our clients with end-to-end supply chain visibility and shipment tracking capability. Our in-house system covers your logistics requirements and has been designed and built in response to our client’s feedback and input, using the latest technology.

A user-centric design approach, comparable to that used within the gaming industry, has enabled our logistics clients to address actionable shipping information in real-time, enabling the users to make informed supply chain decisions to support and improve their organization’s performance.

Our purchase order management system, PinPoint, integrates PO order item detail into the logistics process from order inception to delivery.

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Screenshot of Dashboard

C-View - Your Predictive Logistics Command Center.

From pickup to delivery, and all milestones in between, C-View, our logistics portal, offers end-to-end supply chain visibility. Easily track and trace via the shipment tracker, proactively manage exceptions in your supply chain, and monitor on-time performance and spend over time. Total visibility and transparency is at your fingertips with an effortless tracking system – even on mobile devices.

Centralized Dashboard

At-a-glance visibility to your current state of transportation and shipments on mobile-friendly dashboards. Easily identify exceptions so you can proactively manage them.

Shipment Track & Trace

Powerful search offers complete access to all track & trace and shipment detail information, documents and invoices, the ability to export, and more.

Potential Exceptions

Predictive visibility gives you early warnings on possible supply chain interruptions that can impact your shipments, such as weather events, strikes, and more.

Purchase Order Management

Our purchase order management system, PinPOint, integrates PO order item detail into the logistics process from order inception to delivery.

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