Air Freight to USA

January 14, 2023

Air Freight to the United States 

Whether your cargo needs speed or special handling, we have an air freight service that suits your requirements. Crane Worldwide Logistics has multiple cost-effective air freight solutions to support our client's cargo requirements from Europe to the United States. With domestic coverage throughout the U.S. and established trucking services throughout all states, choosing the right air freight gateway can make a difference.

Did you know Crane Worldwide Logistics has it's own domestic trucking service in the United States? 

Air Freight Consols

Air freight consolidation can provide significant cost benefits for clients during periods of supply chain disruption. Air freight consolidation hubs provide advantages including protected capacity, reliable schedules/transit times, and reduced air freight rates when shipping freight from Europe to the USA.

Air Freight consolidations, frequently referred to as 'freight consols,' are made up of individual consignments that are consolidated at our key warehouse hubs in Europe and built into aircraft units bound for the United States.  

Supply Chain disruption is impacting business around the world, working together with our clients to maximize the utilization of aircraft capacity can provide benefits that can support your ongoing supply chain planning.  

Air Freight Europe to the USA – Westbound Transatlantic 

Air freight Europe to USADemand for air freight to the United States is very high given the current market constraints and limited air freight capacity available. Russian sanctions, for example, have seen commonly used cargo freighters grounded.

This has led to volatile air freight rates. In addition to the current constraints relating to the air freight industry due to the impact of COVID-19, stability is what is required for your air freight to the United States.   

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Need short term Air Freight capacity out of Germany? 

When you have a line or rig down, or a manufacturing plant stoppage, failure is not an option, Crane Worldwide Logistics can offer guaranteed unlimited air freight from Germany to the U.S. according to the capacity that is needed.

Air Freight costs are based on a minimum chargeable weight as per the following Unit Load Devices (ULDs):

Minimum Chargeable weights:

  • LD3 Container: 755 kgs
  • Lower Deck: 1650 kgs
  • Main Deck: 2,850 kgs

Air freight service: What you need to know...

  • Bookable Space 3 hours before uplift (under secured cargo status)
  • Latest Time of Acceptance: 90 minutes before uplift
  • 24/7 Shipment supervision & hotline available
  • Unlimited space available
  • 100% money-back guarantee for any non-performance by the airline

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